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    02/24/16 - Flipside U page 44 is out.

    page 44

    01/11/16 - Flipside U page 28 is out.

    page 28

    12/16/15 - Flipside U page 27 is out.

    page 27

    10/19/15 - LWS - 91 - Tweet.

    lws 91 - Tweet

    10/12/15 - LWS - 90 - Once and for All.

    lws 90 - once and all

    10/05/15 - Flipside page 24 is up!

    flipside 24

    09/18/15 - Flipside page 22 and 23 are up!

    flipside 22

    09/07/15 - Page Dump!

    page dump

    08/15/15 - Flipside U page 17 is out.

    page 17

    07/25/15 - Three new FU comic pages starting with #14.

    Three new pages

    06/22/15 - Josh has a freshman freakout.


    05/30/15 - And now there are horses.

    Whats Going On

    05/11/15 - Josh's first impression of FU.

    My Dream School

    04/01/15 - The Golden Gates of Destiny.

    golden gates of destiny

    04/10/15 - LWS - 88 - Guilty Kitty.

    guilty kitty cat videos comic

    04/03/15 - Stacy utilizes her art skills to the maximum.

    arranged color gradients stacy comic

    04/01/15 - Josh and Dane say goodbye to the Marsters.

    say goodbye to the marsters

    03/30/15 - Here is the LWS create a comic contest winner.

    date night best webcomics online

    03/27/15 - I can tell that someone went to art school.

    life with stacy comic 85 realistic

    03/25/15 - Ryan creates his very first webcomic!

    living with stacy comic 84 webcomic

    03/13/15 - Ryan distracts Stacy from driving.

    living with stacy comic 83 OMG

    03/11/15 - Cats pick the strangest places to throw up in.

    ryan top webcomic 82 cats throw up

    03/06/15 - Look into my eyes long and lovingly.

    stacy top webcomic 81 better love life

    03/05/15 - Josh finally arrives at his dream school, Flipside University.

    flipside u we made it to college

    03/02/15 - Stacy devises a plan to get some attention.

    lws top webcomic 80 how to kiss

    02/25/15 - Hugs are the best cure when you have the blues.

    lws comic hugs

    02/23/15 - Stacy has the worst day ever!

    lws webcomic tips worst day ever

    02/20/15 - Ever get that urge when looking down?

    funny jokes good one lws comix

    02/18/15 - Tori discovers her reflection.

    cats being cute mirror lws 76 stacy

    02/16/15 - Happy Valentine's Day from Living With Stacy!

    Happy Valentines Day from Living With Stacy

    02/13/15 - How bad is Stacy's migraine? Oh boy...

    migraines suffer lol comic stacy

    02/11/15 - Stacy gets a little bit OCD.

    plugs Funny lwscomic OCD

    02/06/15 - Ryan scores a butt ton of cash in a video game.

    Video games and reality Ryan comics

    02/04/15 - Tips on how to unfriend someone online.

    How to unfriend someone online Ryan

    01/30/15 - Stacy gets a little OCD about her mole.

    Life with Stacy mole cute

    01/26/15 - Stacy has something hilarious to tell Ryan.

    Life with Stacy topwebcomics 10

    01/23/15 - Whatever you do, do not yawn in the car.

    Life with Stacy Ryan Comics

    01/21/15 - News headlines these days are just so addicting.

    LWS comics Life with Stacy Funny

    01/16/15 - Stacy turns to her old harmonica for comfort.

    LWS comics LOL Ryan

    01/14/15 - Stacy tries to spice things up in Romance Fail.

    Webcomics Top Spice it Up LWS

    01/09/15 - There's always an easier way to do something.

    LWS Cutting Corners

    01/05/15 - What happens when you neglect doing the dishes for weeks?

    LWS Ryan Dishes LOL

    12/31/14 - Happy New Years from Living With Stacy!

    LWS Happy New Years comic

    12/29/14 - Alright, here is a new LWS strip called Insect Legs!

    LWS Insect Legs Stacy comic

    12/19/14 - Merry Christmas from Flapjack Studios! Also, we have a new LWS comic.

    LWS Ryan Top Merry Xmas Megan

    12/17/14 - Ryan opens a gigantic present from his sister.

    LWS Ryan Top 45 Xmas Present

    12/15/14 - It's Christmas! To celebrate we have a new Xmas themed strip. Enjoy!

    LWS Ryan Top 44 Christmas xmas

    12/10/14 - New LWS comic. Ryan VS Laundry part 2.

    LWS Ryan Top 43 overload

    12/08/14 - To touch the boob, or not touch the boob. That is the question.

    LWS Stacy Top 42 the boob boobs

    12/05/14 - White lies are bad unless they involve anthropomorphic objects.

    LWS Stacy Top 41 self aware comics

    12/03/14 - Warning. Do not try this at home.

    LWS Stacy Top 40 hilarious comics

    11/28/14 - Honesty is the best policy when it comes to farting.

    LWS Ryan Top 39 lol webcomics

    11/26/14 - New LWS Comic Strip. Check out LWS 52 - Bug

    LWS Stacy Top 38 comedy webcomics

    11/24/14 - New LWS strip! Ryan and Stacy get a surprise massage.

    LWS Ryan Top 37 hilarious comics

    11/19/14 - Our favorite couple relfects on their recent attempts to become healthy.

    LWS Stacy Top 36 lmao top comics

    11/17/14 - Ryan and Stacy share tips on bike safety.

    LWS Stacy Top 35 high quality top webcomics

    11/14/14 - Ryan and Stacy try to get in shape in the lastest LWS comic!

    LWS Ryan Top 34 lol best webcomics

    11/12/14 - Ryan gets sexy new contacts in the latest LWS comic!

    LWS Stacy Top 33 Funny Cartoon comics

    11/03/14 - A funny follow up to our Halloween comic. Check out Trick or Treat 2!

    LWS Ryan Top 32 Trick or Treat comics

    10/31/14 - It's Halloween! Also, Ryan tries to scare some kids. Check out Trick or Treat!

    LWS Ryan Top 31 Halloween webcomics

    10/29/14 - New LWS Webcomic! Ryan's glasses take on an evil persona in Evil Eyes!

    LWS Top 30 lol stacy webcomics

    10/27/14 - New LWS Webcomic! Come to work with me, it's Super Fun!

    LWS Top 29 humor stacy webcomics

    10/24/14 - New LWS Webcomic! Go check out Know What I Mean?

    LWS Top 28 funny stacy comics

    10/20/14 - New LWS Webcomic! Clay Day is here!

    LWS Top 27 funny ryan comics

    10/17/14 - New LWS Webcomic! Dance With Me, kitty!

    LWS Top 26 funny lol comics

    10/15/14 - New LWS Webcomic! Here comes Sexy Fail!

    LWS Top 24 humor comics

    10/10/14 - New LWS Webcomic! It's time to Stick With It!

    LWS Top 21 comedy comics

    10/06/14 - New LWS Webcomic! Moving on Up! Does Nathan Fillion really like Ryan's post? Find out!

    LWS Nathan Fillion Top 40 lol comics

    10/03/14 - New LWS Webcomic! Boost your online popularity with Social Media!

    LWS Evil Stare Top 22 funny comics

    10/01/14 - New LWS Webcomic! Time to practise your Evil Stare!

    LWS Evil Stare Top 18 Web comics

    09/29/14 - New LWS Comic! Hey, here is Take a Break!

    Living with Stacy Top 12 Web comics

    09/24/14 - New LWS Comic! Here comes Pay Attention!

    Living with Stacy Top 40 Webcomics

    09/22/14 - New LWS Comic! Check out Nightmare!

    Living with Stacy Top 20 Webcomics

    09/19/14 - New LWS Comic! Check out Laundry!

    Living with Stacy Top 15 Webcomics

    09/17/14 - New LWS Comic! This one is called Groceries!

    Living with Stacy Top 10 Webcomics

    09/12/14 - New LWS Comic! Oh oh, here comes Hot Boxed!

    Living with Stacy #29 Hot Boxed

    09/10/14 - New LWS Comic! Lol at Almost Done!

    Living with Stacy #28 Almost Done

    09/08/14 - New LWS Comic! Here is Bath Time!

    Living with Stacy #27 Bath Time

    09/03/14 - New LWS Comic! Here is Knock Knock!

    Living with Stacy #26 Knock Knock

    09/01/14 - New LWS Comic! Check out Movie Night!

    Living with Stacy #25 Movie Night

    08/29/14 - New LWS Comic! Please enjoy Meow!

    Living with Stacy #24 Meow

    08/27/14 - New LWS Comic! Please enjoy Piggy Bank!

    Living with Stacy #23 Piggy Bank

    08/25/14 - New LWS Comic! Please enjoy Neighbours!

    Living with Stacy #22 Neighbours

    08/22/14 - New LWS Comic! Please enjoy Skirts!

    Living with Stacy #21 Skirts

    08/20/14 - New LWS Comic! Check out Late!

    Living with Stacy #20 Late

    08/18/14 - New LWS Comic! Check out Lights Out!

    Living with Stacy #19 Lights Out

    08/13/14 - New LWS Comic! Check out Beaties!

    Living with Stacy #17 Beaties

    07/17/14 - Living With Stacy is now live! Check out our new comic LWS!

    Living with Stacy #07 Tap Water

    07/17/14 - NFU comic update! Check out NFU #27 - Case Closed!

    NFU Comic Cased Closed

    07/09/14 - NFU comic update! Here's NFU #26 - New Evidence!

    NFU comic July 09 2014 New Evidence

    07/02/14 - NFU comic update! Here's NFU #25 - Rainbow Sprinkles!

    NFU comic July 02 2014 Rainbow Sprinkles

    06/25/14 - NFU comic update! Don't miss NFU #24 - Interrogation!

    NFU comic June 25 2014 Interrogation

    06/18/14 - NFU comic update! Don't miss NFU #23 - Our Little Secret!

    NFU comic June 18 2014 Our Little Secret

    06/11/14 - NFU comic update! Get ready for NFU #22 - Stranger Danger!

    NFU comic June 11 2014 Stranger Danger

    06/04/14 - NFU comic update! Here is NFU #21 - Sombrero!

    NFU comic June 04 2014 Sombrero

    05/28/14 - NFU comic update! Here is NFU #20 - That's Beautiful!

    NFU comic May 28 2014 Beautiful

    05/21/14 - NFU comic update! Check out NFU #19 - Marshmallows!

    NFU comic May 21 2014 Marshmallows

    05/14/14 - NFU comic update! Check out NFU #18 - Dilemma!

    NFU comic May 14th 2014 Dilemma

    05/07/14 - NFU comic update! Things are really heating up! Check out NFU #17 - Don't Look Now, But...!

    NFU comic May 7th 2014 Don't look now, but

    04/30/14 - NFU comic update! My Name is Josh! Check out NFU #16 - My Name is Josh!

    NFU comic April 30 2014 My Name is Josh

    04/23/14 - NFU comic update! Mexican Hat Dance! Check out NFU #15 - Mexican Hat Dance!

    NFU comic April 23 2014 Mexican Hat Dance

    04/16/14 - NFU comic update! Bath time turns into a nightmare. Check out NFU #14 - Bath Time Madness!

    Flipside University April 16 2014 News Thumb

    04/09/14 - NFU comic update! Josh discovers his destiny...and Pablo? Check out NFU #13 - Pablo!

    Flipside University April 9 2014 News Thumb

    04/02/14 - NFU comic update! The second part of the legendary FU informercial! Check out NFU #12 - Will Arnett Infomercial!

    Flipside University April 2nd 2014 News Thumb

    03/26/14 - NFU comic update! Will Arnett makes his comic debut in NFU! Check out NFU #11 - Dean of Flipside!

    Flipside University March 26 2014 News Thumb

    03/19/14 - NFU comic update! Check out NFU #10 - Flashback Part 7!

    Flipside University March 19 2014 News Thumb

    03/12/14 - NFU comic update! Check out NFU #09 - Flashback Part 6!

    Flipside University March 12 2014 News Thumb

    03/05/14 - NFU comic update! Check out NFU #08 - Flashback Part 5!

    Flipside University March 05 2014 News Thumb

    02/26/14 - NFU comic update! Check out NFU #07 - Flashback Part 4!

    Flipside University Feb 26 2014 News Thumb

    02/19/14 - NFU comic update! Check out NFU #06 - Flashback Part 3!

    Flipside University Feb 19 2014 News Thumb

    02/12/14 - NFU comic update! Check out NFU #05 - Flashback Part 2!

    Flipside University Feb 12 2014 News Thumb

    02/05/14 - NFU comic update! Check out NFU #04 - Flashback Part 1!

    Flipside University Feb 5 2014 News Thumb

    01/29/14 - NFU comic update! Check out NFU #03 - Destiny!

    Flipside University Jan 29 2014 News Thumb

    01/22/14 - NFU comic update! Check out NFU #02 - Dead to Us!

    Flipside University Jan 22 2014 News Thumb

    01/15/14 - NFU comic update! Check out NFU #01 - Accpeted!

    Flipside University Jan 15th 2014 News Thumb

    01/08/14 - The NFU reboot has begun! Introducing "New Flipside University: The Josh Neilson Story!"

    Flipside University Jan 8th 2014 News Thumb

    12/21/13 - News update! FU reboot date, news and bonus materials!

    Flipside University Dec 21st 2013 News Thumb

    12/11/13 - News update! More Flipside University Bonus Sketches!

    Flipside University Dec 11th 2013 News Thumb

    12/04/13 - News update! Flipside University re-launch and Bonus Sketches!

    Flipside University Dec 4th 2013 News Thumb

    11/27/13 - Comic update! Check out "This Means War"

    Flipside University This Means War Thumb

    11/20/13 - Comic update! Check out "Dane Makes a Funny"

    Flipside University Dane Makes a Funny Thumb

    11/13/13 - Comic update! Check out "Try Try Again"

    Flipside University Try Try Again Thumb

    11/06/13 - Comic update! Check out "If at First you Don't Succeed"

    Flipside University Succeed Thumb

    10/30/13 - Comic update! Check out "Punch Line"

    Flipside University Punch Line Thumb

    10/23/13 - Comic update! Check out "Caught in the Act"

    Flipside University Caught in the Act Thumb

    10/10/13 - Comic update! Check out "I Want to be Popular"

    Flipside University I want to be popular Thumb

    10/08/13 - Comic update! Check out "Sweet Radical Justice"

    Flipside University Sweet Radical Justice Thumb

    09/30/13 - Comic update! Check out "Josh in a Half Shell"

    Flipside University Josh in a Half Shell Thumb

    09/22/13 - Comic update! Check out "Quiet but Friendly"

    Flipside University Quiet but Friendly Thumb

    09/19/13 - Comic update! Check out "Not Very Effective!"

    Flipside University Not Very Effective Thumb

    09/16/13 - Comic update! Check out "GameFace On!"

    Flipside University GameFace On Thumb

    09/09/13 - Comic update! Check out "Dream Cleaver!"

    Flipside University Dream Cleaver Thumb

    08/31/13 - Comic update! Check out "The Last of Josh!"

    Flipside University The Last of Josh Thumb

    08/27/13 - Comic update! Check out "Subtext!"

    Flipside University Subtext Thumb

    08/18/13 - Comic update! Check out "Beaches!"

    Flipside University Beaches Thumb

    08/12/13 - Comic update! Check out "One Up!"

    Flipside University One Up Thumb

    08/03/13 - Comic update! Check out "Best Friend Hug!"

    Flipside University Best Friend Hug Thumb

    07/29/13 - Comic update! Check out "Killer Smile!"

    Flipside University Killer Smile Thumb

    07/18/13 - Comic update! Check out "Attack on Flipside!"

    Flipside University Attack on Flipside Thumb

    07/14/13 - Comic update! Check out "Making Friends!"

    Flipside University Making Friends Thumb

    07/11/13 - Comic update! Check out "The Morning After!"

    Flipside University The Morning After Thumb

    07/07/13 - Comic update! Check out "The Sleepover!"

    Flipside University The Sleepover Thumb

    06/24/13 - Comic update! Part 3 of "Show me your Moves" has arrived!

    Smash Brothers Show Me Your Moves Part 3 Thumb

    06/15/13 - Comic update! Part 2 of "Show me your Moves" is here!

    Smash Brothers Show Me Your Moves Part 2 Thumb

    06/07/13 - Comic update! Hit up "Show me your Moves" today!

    Smash Brothers Show Me Your Moves Thumb

    05/26/13 - Comic update! Final four of our DBZ parody strips! Don't miss "Fusion Confusion!"

    Dragon Ball Z Fusion Confusion Thumb

    05/18/13 - Comic update! Here's the latest F.U. comic, "Scream Battle!"

    Dragon Ball Z Scream Battle Thumb

    05/06/13 - Comic update! Enjoy our newest strip, the "Prince of all Saiyans!"

    Dragon Ball Z Prince of all Saiyans Thumb

    04/29/13 - Go check out our latest F.U. comic! Its power level is over 9000, if you what I'm Saiyan?

    Dragon Ball Z Do I Ever Thumb

    04/17/13 - My Inner Ninja starring Rhed! Don't miss it!

    My Inner Ninja Thumb

    04/14/13 - It's the Boogeyman! Naw, we kid, we kid. Come check out our newest F.U. comic!

    Boogeyman Thumb

    04/05/13 - We're back with another comic! This one is called "BFFs!" Check it out!

    BFFs Thumb

    03/29/13 - Happy Easter weekend everyone! To celebrate we have a new Flipside U. comic just for you. It's called, "Hey Mom!" Enjoy!

    Hey Mom! Thumb

    03/18/13 - Mr. Happy Returns in this all new hilarious Flipside U. Comic!

    Mr. Happy Returns Thumb

    03/02/13 - Part 3 of Meet Dane Marsters!

    Meet Dane 3 Thumb

    02/22/13 - Part 2 of Meet Dane Marsters!

    Meet Dane 2 Thumb

    02/12/13 - Meet Dane Marsters in this new comic!

    Meet Dane Thumb

    01/24/13 - Wii U 7000 inside story!

    Wii U 7000 Thumb

    12/04/12 - Student Loans suck! And we did a comic about it!

    Student Loans Suck Ass Thumb

    10/31/12 - Disney Buys Out Star Wars so we did a comic about it!

    George Lucas Comic Thumb

    10/24/12 - Jam and Michelle Attempt to Coexist!

    Jam and Michelle Attempt to Coexist

    09/17/12 - WII U Comic!

    Wii U Bayonetta Comic Thumb

    09/09/12 - Yoga VS Yoda Comic!

    Yoga VS Yoda Comic Thumb

    08/23/12 - Flipside University Cosplay Poster!

    Flipside University Cosplay Poster

    08/11/12 - I'd Hit That Starring Rhed and Josh! Plus, a video!

    Id Hit That Starring Rhed and Josh

    07/06/12 - Flapjack Studios returns from Jalloo!


    05/05/12 - Bonus comic and production artwork teased! Check out our latest news article to get the skinny!

    Michelle and Jam

    04/04/12 - Details about Flapjack Studios new animated TV series are now online! Head on over to our projects page to enjoy the latest Flipside U. updates!

    Projects Page

    03/28/12 - Meet the stars of Flipside University! Josh Neilson, Marcus Rhedmond, Dane Marsters, Jam Bazzi, Michelle EzQueda, and Adrian Rong! More info soon.

    Everyone Faces

    03/22/12 - Flapjack Studios revealing new character designs from Project Falafel soon.

    10/18/11 - Project Falafel's visual bible has been completed!

    06/06/11 - We have a promo game in development. More info this July.

    10/24/10 - Project Falafel heads into pre-production.

    10/24/10 - Flapjack Studios website launches!

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