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Flipside University Cosplay Poster

F.U. Cosplay Poster! Here we have Rhed, Josh, Jam, Dane, Michelle, Adrian and Masta Betta! Can you guess who each of them are cosplaying as?

Flipside University Character Poster

F.U. starring Rhed, Josh, Dane, Adrian, Michelle, Jam, Masta Betta, Uncle Rong, and Karin!

Flipside University Main Cast

Introducing, Dane, Josh, Rhed, Michelle, Adrian, and Jam! Oh, and the redhead is Karin.

Masta Betta's Rap Posse

Every world famous rapper has a posse. MB is no different! Andy, T-Payne, Akon and a few sexy ladies surround him at all times.

Michelle and Jam

Michelle and Jam team up as super sexy spies!

Rhed and his Honnies at the Music Awards

Rhed and MB arrive for the MTV Music Awards. Josh lands a spot as Rhed's slave.

Rhed and MB Rapper Pose

Rhed and his best pal Masta Betta pose in front of their platnium records wall.

Josh at Jam's Flat

Josh stays over at Jamileh's for the first time but soon discovers his experience with the ladies is grossly limited. So begins their awkward relationship.



Flipside University Bonus Comic #1: Onions! Starring Rhed and Jam.

Onions thumbnail of Onions

I'd Hit That!

Flipside University Bonus Comic #2: I'd Hit That! Starring Rhed and Josh.

I'd Hit That! thumbnail of I'd Hit That!

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