Flipside University - Meet Josh Neilson!

March 23, 2012

Big news! Flapjack Studios has revealed the first main character to star in their new animated TV series, Flipside University. Introducing Josh Neilson!

Josh Neilson Reveal

Name: Josh Neilson   Age: 18   Sign: Pisces   Height: 6'1"

Starting today, Flapjack Studios plans to reveal a new character from Flipside University each day as a special promo event. Check back tomorrow for another update! Don't forget to follow us here, and on Facbook or Twitter!

In other news, Flipside University will be heading into pre-production soon. "Development on the series is almost complete," says writer and series creator, Ryan J.S. Chandler, "We're excited to be moving forward." More details coming soon.

-- Ryan J.S. Chandler --

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