Flapjack Studios

Is a team of artists and talented individuals dedicated to creating the best in adult themed entertainment. Flapjack Studios delivers cutting edge content that pulls no punches, makes no apologies, and is always connected and evolving with the interests and concerns of its viewers.

The creator of Flapjack Studios also draws webcomics! Check them out by visiting the RANKLESS THE COMIC and the LIVING WITH STACY official websites! Need more convincing? You can view his portfolio above or contact him via email for a quote. :)

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Ryan Chandler

Ryan Chandler

Artist, Comic Creator & Web Designer

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You can contact me via email below:

Rankless The Comic

Rankless the Comic

Rankless follows the adventures of the naive and ever optimistic JOSH NEILSON as he navigates university and adulthood in a restrictive and ranked society. His goal? To become the greatest artist to ever live. For more info on Rankless check out the Official Website.

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Living With Stacy The Comic

Living With Stacy Comic

Living with Stacy is a modern, slice of life comedy about the everyday routines and struggles of a young, happy couple. Join Ryan and Stacy as they attempt to comfortably coexist and push through life in hilarious and relatable ways! For more info check out the Living With Stacy Official Website.

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Graphic Design

graphic design work

Some of Ryan's notable graphic design work include Hellbay Brewing Company craft beer labels, the Port Grocer coffee and brunch loyalty cards, and the Retire To Liverpool rack cards. Get in touch with Ryan for a graphic design quote here.

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Game Design

Tokyo Tinkle

Flapjack Studios released its first game in 2012 called TOKYO TINKLE starring Iwata. The game centers around an unlikely homeless hero who has a tenancy to urinate on everything. He willingly steps up to combat an evil invading race of pixelated aliens bent on taking over the world.

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Masta Betta Mascot

masta betta

Say hello to Flapjack Studios official mascot MASTA BETTA! He's a betta fish and is based on an actual pet fish owned by the creators of Flapjack Studios at the time of the studios conception.

With that being said, mascot design is offered by local web designer and comic artist Ryan Chandler. Head on over to his website to get a quote.

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Website Design

web design work

Need a website? No problem. Introducing Ryan Chandler, web designer extraordinaire. With over 15 years experience in the industry Ryan has designed a range of websites including info sites aimed to attract new doctors to rural areas [Doctors-wanted.ca], radio [Qccrfm.com] and craft brewing [Hellbaybrewing.com].

Ryan offers a variety of web design packages as well as custom work. Choose between BASIC, STANDARD and PREMIUM or call Ryan for a direct quote. Head on over to RYANCHANDLER.CA for more information.

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