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Is an animated adult comedy centered around our on again, off again hero, Josh Neilson, and his strange circle of friends, as he battles himself and others on an epic quest to become the world's greatest artist...ever!

The Neilsons, soon after discovering that their good for nothing son was accepted into the infamous Flipside University, declare Josh legally dead, and evict him from their home forever. Burying the harshness of reality deep down, Josh naively ventures into the scandalous world of post secondary education. His fantasies of school life quickly shatter when he is introduced to controversial and morally unjust professors, clawing and pretentious students, sexual promiscuity, exams, hallway labyrinths, and the sudden outbursts of his own suppressed childhood memories. It is only when Josh is absorbed into an outrageous and quirky group of friends that he discovers love, acceptance and new found courage, which incrementally prepares him for the arduous trek to fame and fortune.

Flipside University parodies everyday stories and situations and inflates them to gigantic proportions resulting in humorous conflicts, clever consequences, and intelligent resolutions. Riddled with pop culture and imagination, F.U. is one genre blending hell of a good time, and is above all, heartfelt and hilarious.

Flipside University

The Flipside University Gang

Introducing Flipside University, the new adult animated comedy from Flapjack Studios! Flipside U. is currently in development and will be moving into pre-production soon. Don't forget to subscribe to our totally wicked news feed to get the lateset Flapjack Studios updates. We're also on Facebook and Twitter! Woot! As an added bonus, we are also doing a promotional webcomic called New Flipside University (NFU for short) that will focus on Josh Neilson's journey to Flipside U and beyond. Head on over to the FU ARCHIVE and check it out.

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UPDATE: Wow, it's been awhile! We have just launched our new webcomic called RANKLESS. Feel free to head on over to RANKLESSTHECOMIC.COM and check it out! Catch you on the Flipside! - Ryan J.S. Chandler

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